Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dual Mileage ....


Why cant Motor Bikes have two types of mileage capacity?????

Here is the concept...

A single bike can have two modes of switching for mileage and for power/Speed. For example changing the CC of engine as required. that's only an example.
Taking all other factors into consideration which impacts mileage in vehicle it can be implemented.Of course the cost will be high but still its worth for the most of bikers. In this concept their is option to switch between power and performance as required, the mechanism is that both cylinders has same engine and gear system but operation depends on rider. If the situation demands for mileage then rider can switch to Lower CC engine if not he can be in higher CC. As we all know lower  CC engines provide good Mileage as higher cc engine offers good power and speed.

Let us elaborate the example.

The biker who rides bike in highway needs more power/speed as their wont be any obstacles and can keep going in constant speed without frequent use of Clutch and gear. where as the same rider enters the congestion area like city limits then higher CC engines offers poor performance where as rider as to use clutch and breaks frequently. so at this instance he can switch back to lower cc engine which can offer good performance.

Need of sports Bike.

We know sports bikes come starting with 220cc (Pulsar 220) and ranges til < 1000cc(The Rapom V8). But in reality do we need it daily. Ofcourse answer is no. sports bikes are only for passion (depends). where we cant give up too. passion is also required. In this concept the bike designed with dual mileage(cylinder) can act as sports bike aswel  domestic. when riders feels like sporting he can switch to speed and power if not he can use the bike economically(considering fuel cost)

So it can be concluded that considering Fuel cost and its importance along with youth passion towards bikes the concept described above will contribute desirable changes to the current system. Their needs to be made some changes which suits the commercial market. 

(Concept by : UdayBM from Team Twlight)

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